Easy Putting Drill

Hitting the golf ball a long way is in every golfer’s mind but putting is even more important. What good is a 300 yard drive if you can’t make the 4 foot butt for birdie? Today I have a simple putting drill that I learned back in high school which will boost confidence at at variety of lengths. All you need are 4 tees and 3 golf balls.

Before starting putting drills, it’s common to run out of space during busy hours at the practice green. In order to practice putting for an extended length of time, you’ll need to have your own cup for yourself. I suggest practicing during morning hours when less people are up and about.

The Drill

To start, pick a hole that has a flat surface around on all four sides. Use your putter as a ruler for 3 feet, 6 feet, and 9 feet. Draw an imaginary circle around the cup at 3 feet and place a tee at every quarter of the circle. You should place a total of four tees in the ground and each one is 3 feet from the hole.

Start at one of the tee locations and place your golf balls on the ground. The objective is to make three putts in a row at this location. Once you successfully make three in a row, you can move to the next tee. Keep going until you make three in a row at each location.

Next, move the tees back to 6 feet from the hole and repeat the process. After you complete this, move back to 9 feet and do it again. Making three putts in a row at 9 feet is not easy!

Advanced Drill

One of the ways to make this drill harder is to start all the way over if you miss a putt. For example, if I make three in a row at 3 locations but miss my next putt at the 4th, I have to start over from the first location.

Another challenge is to pick a cup that sits on a side-hill. I guarantee your breaking putts will improve dramatically!


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