Reign of Pro V1 Over?

The golf market has long been dominated by the legendary Titleist Pro V1, a golf ball so ingrained in golfers’ minds that it’s become the one and only choice for them. In fact, a few years ago I felt the same way; I carried contempt for any golf ball other than a Pro V1. Because of the overwhelming success of the Pro V1, I was completely convinced that this ball would perform exactly as I wanted it to every time I stood over it. My mind had zero hesitations about it no matter what kind of shot I was about to hit. Any golfer would appreciate having less to worry about when trying to play their best golf.

However, in recent years, Titleist‘s competitors have produced outstanding products that match or even exceed the Pro V1 in some areas. Some of my favorites include the Srixon Z Star and Bridgestone B330, both of which can be bought under $35/dozen on Amazon (as of 1/8/2017). Both of these balls perform admirably in all areas and I’ve let go of my prejudice against other golf balls. I even shot my best round of 73 using a B330!

Even more compelling are the ‘budget premium’ balls that have come out from companies such as Vice, Snell Golf, and Costco. Today’s economy has pushed consumers to save more money and left them with less disposable income. Gone are the days where shoppers can readily walk into a store and walk out with a set of clubs in one visit. Costco’s $15/per dozen price is a nail in the coffin for premium brands, especially with its massive retail footprint and buying power.

The Pro V1 remains right around $40 which is a large decrease from previous years’ pricing. Two thousand seventeen will surely bring exciting changes in the golf industry. I’ve been waiting for this revolution for some time now as I would have more and more people join this great sport. With more companies offering high quality equipment for less money, 2017 looks like a great year to get into this game.


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