A Simple Drill to Hit More Greens

One of the keys to shooting low scores is hitting accurate approach shots. Without accurate approach shots, birdie chances will be slim and few. This is where consistent targeted iron play is so valuable. Today I have a simple iron drill that will increase your confidence when facing approach shots.

The drill:

Pick a target on your driving range that is at a comfortable distance. For me, a good distance is 130 yards because I can use a pitching wedge and swing at 75% power repeatedly. Some ranges might have flags while others may have colored poles; choose a target that you can clearly see the ball land at.

The drill is simple: hit 5 balls in a row and see if you can land them within 15 feet of the target. Don’t worry about where the ball ends up after rolling out because many driving ranges don’t have short enough greens to give spin on the ball. Once you hit 5 in a row on target, move onto the second part of the drill.

Part two:

Hit a fade into the target and try to land 5 in a row on target. As you know, fade shots will lose a few yards compared to a draw shot. This is where using my pw for a 130 yard target comes in handy because I can swing a little harder when hitting a fade and still reach the same target. This is all about mastering the feel of the chosen club and being able to shape the ball into the green.

Once you hit 5 in a row on fades, do the same routine with a draw shot. My swing thought when hitting draws with irons is to keep my hands more active through the ball. I definitely turn my hands over quickly while starting the path of the ball right of the target.

To take it further:

After you’ve completed the series on a target, continue to work on this drill with other targets. Mastering your ball flight with the scoring irons will bring many more birdie opportunities.


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